Keeping track of the numbers is important. A good accountant doesn’t simply add the numbers up. A good accountant will see the story behind the numbers and feed that back to you.

Perhaps a product line is failing or a particular cost seems to be higher than usual. A dedicated accountant who is familar with your business will spot any issues and feed back to you so you can make changes fast. Ultimately good accounting hands you full control of your business.

We can produce management accounts on a monthly or quarterly basis to help with cost management and seeing how well the business is performing to forecast.

The year end statutory accounts are prepared ideally shortly after the year end date so as to provide timely information. Once approved by you, these accounts form the basis of the tax returns.

For a sole trader client, we prepare the income tax return and once approved, it is sent to HMRC. For a company, we prepare the corporation tax return and once approved, it is sent together with the full statutory acccounts to HMRC. We tell you exactly how much tax to pay and when to pay, with a reminder close to the due date.

We also prepare a set of accounts for Companies House. This version is on public record and available for all to see. For this reason, we prepare a filleted set of accounts with reduced disclosure to keep what is possible private. Our accounting systems mean that we can produce reports in a variety of ways and at different times of the year, giving you more or less information as and when required.

Our services in this area include:

  1. Management Accounts (monthly, quarterly or on an annual basis)

  2. Actual results / business plan or budget comparative analysis

  3. Bookkeeping

  4. Payroll

  5. VAT returns